Why Use "Your Entremanure" | Disadvantages of Composting

Minimize negative impacts on the land. horse manure with wood products robs the land of nitrogen. Nitrogen is needed to breakdown the bedding and grow vegetation. (taken from the Ohio State university Extension Service,

Avoid regulatory penalties or additional regulatory requirements

Avoid loss of business opportunity from unsighly manure piles

Avoid conflict with Neighbors

Less of a fire danger due to decomposition and spontaneous combustion

Less flies during the summer months

Reduce the risk of spreading parasites and diseases when spreading manure on the fields


Room needed for windrows

Man power needed to turn the windrows

Purchasing expensive specialized equipment

Time needed for material to breakdown into a usable product

Marketing the finished product to the consumer

Weather - can either be to wet or to dry

Enough water to add to the windrow to increase the material breakdown

Obtaining the correct permits

Zoning requirements


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